At BSI Management Search & Consulting, LLC our purpose is to assist organizations to HIRE AND RETAIN THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB THE FIRST TIME.


17% of new hires leave their new employer within 3 months of hire.

40% plus of our hires are either not engaged or actively disengaged and are regarded as bad hires. 

80% of employee turnover is caused by bad hires.


A major problem in hiring engaged employees the first time is determining not only if a candidate has the hard skills to do the job BUT ALSO THE SOFT SKILLS TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THAT JOB WITH YOUR COMPANY.  This is a GREAT hire. 


Due to the Coronavirus we are experiencing significant change in our work environment along with most other aspecks of our life.  Working from home is a major change in how many of us work. This requires significant adjustment.  We are offering a FREE "Work From Home" assessment that will help to  understand the adjustments needed in this new environment.  It will lead to increasing team building and team performance.  To take the assessment, email with your name and email address. 



  • Candidate has the hard skills to do the job or can learn the skills to do the job.
  • Candidate has similar beliefs/purpose as the hiring company.
  • Candidate has the interpersonal and cultural skills to do the job in that organization.
  • Candidate has an emotional commitment to be an ENGAGED employee with the company.

We have access to great candidates in many career fields. Because we are a contingency fee recruiting firm you only pay for our services after a candidates presented to you by BSI Management Search & Consulting, LLC is hired by your company.  

If you are seeking to hire new ENGAGED employees, call 770- 639-5096 or email your job description to


If you are seeking new employment with a great organization, email your resume to we have lots of opportunities in many career fields with great companies.


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