Hiring engaged employees is an investment, not to be considered a cost.


At BSI Management Search & Consulting, LLC our mission is to assist organizations to HIRE AND RETAIN THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB THE FIRST TIME.


17% of new hires leave their new employer within 3 months of hire.

40% plus of our hires are either not engaged or actively disengaged and are regarded as bad hires. 

80% of employee turnover is caused by bad hires.


A major problem in hiring engaged employees the first time is determining if a candidate has the hard skills to do the job AND THE SOFT SKILLS TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THAT JOB WITH YOUR COMPANY.   



  • Appoint Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to do two things
    • ​Review job description to insure it is correct. (HARD SKILLS)
    • Take Talent Insights assessment by TTISI and determine the mean scores, (SOFT SKILLS)
  • Have candidates being seriously considered to take same assessment. Those whose scores are closest to the mean get to move on in the hiring process.
  • Conduct interviews, do background and reference checks.
  • Make an offer.
  • Upon acceptance of offer initiate JOB ONBOARDING program. 


We have access to great candidates in many career fields. 


  3 Step Plan to hiring Engaged Employees:

  • Call us at 770-639-5096 or email
  • Discuss the job and the job description.
  • Start interviewing candidates that fit the skills you are seeking to hire.


Benefits of Hiring BSI Management Search & Consulting, LLC

  • You hire employees that have strong skills and are engaged employees.
  • Peace of mind that your employees are productive and engaged in what they do.
  • Improved employer brand because your employees are talking up your company as a GREAT place to work.



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